Development of web site design

Development of web site design. Features and specifics.

The website design is one of the key aspects of creating a web site. It is a set of services. He is obliged to undertake the following tasks:

  • to create a resource corresponding to the corporate style of the company, its mission and direction;

    arrange a convenient and intuitive interface for visitors;

    to create a platform fully adapted to the diverse gadgets;

    to do everything for a positive perception of resource users (nice color tone, simple and beautiful design)

    competent to exhibit the most relevant and important information. It should immediately be seen by any visitor.


These are key questions that have to decide the design of the site (the price of the project depends on the complexity and level of tasks).


Web design sites. Development. Stages.

The design of any website is a complex process. It is divided into a certain number of stages:

Разработка веб дизайна сайта

1. The creation and discussion of technical specification (TS). Site creation (design) needs to happen intelligently. So the necessary tasks. On their basis the production of all necessary elements of the resource. Then they combine into a total working system.

How is TS to create a web design (development and design) of a certain resource?

The job included:

- requirements and specific wishes of the customer technical execution and artistic work about resource.

- the list of competitors with pleasing the customer design;

- software scripts;

- the proposed structure of the web site (the sequence, the number of pages, links and navigation);

- possibilities of extension and development portal in the future;

- color scheme for the resource, and the font used;

- details of the corporate identity desired for the application.

2. Home (Main Page). Any website (development, design, promotion) starts with this key details. It will depend on how will become a popular resource among visitors. Based on the statistical data of experts, the overwhelming majority of people evaluates a web site for "the face" (main page). Therefore, this element should be developed as thoroughly as possible. It has to be the most positive, comfortable and informative for visitors.

3. Standard pages (subsections). They are created by the General rules of website design. Such pages are usually designed in the same style as the main section. It is very important to them was easy to navigate from the main page and the "guests" immediately saw information of interest to them or could quickly find, because of the interface.

4. Additional sections (Glossary, forum, etc.). They are produced separately and may have a design different from the main variant.

5. HTML coding. This is the final stage of creating the site (design and its formation). In the process of doing this, all design elements have become one common system. Next to her are already working professionals-programmers.


How to design a site for the effective work of the tasks?


It is necessary to consider and implement the following factors:

  • ease of operation and excellent functionality;

    excellent navigation. Visitors need a few seconds to find items or need information.

    application of the corporate style of the company. Development of web design of any site must be carried out with the use of this factor. Then, the recognition of the company of the audience will increase a lot;

    the download speed must be maximized. Web design (development and look of sites) should be designed so that the visitor is not spent on waiting for even one "extra" moment in the transition to the desired page;

    web design sites (i.e. development) must be unique. He must look like a customized solution for a specific resource, given its specification;

    targeting on important information. To design such a site with this in mind. Necessary and very important for the customer’s information needs to be emphasized. Also they should be placed in the most conspicuous place. This is done so customers don't have missed this information.


Please understand that any website (development, design, promotion) calls for a professional relationship. Also a creative approach is needed, taking full account of even the smallest detail. Without thorough and competent work of specialists do not reach. It just will not effectively perform its functions. Of course, if the design of the corporate website, conducted by specialists, the price can be quite impressive. But it fully justified the result. Therefore, you should turn to experienced professionals that provide similar services. Only then can we be sure of the quality.

And most importantly, remember! When You come to the pharmacy, You ask advice from a pharmacist, then buy medicines. Or You get a prescription from your doctor and only then go to the pharmacy for medicine. You should never self-medicate. This often has a detrimental effect on the body. Similarly, in our business. Don't make your own conclusions. Believe us, we have more experience and we know better which product You need. And, this consultation is always free.

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