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The process of developing the site



You're still wondering about the need to create your own website? Do not waste time, because Your competitors it may appear before. Don't know who to contact, where to find serious developers? We are pleased to offer You our services. Internet needed for Your business to develop and attract customers, in time created the website is a tool for profit. By analogy with a huge shopping Mall consisting of a variety of shopping areas, Your website is one of the boutiques. How to attract to himself buyers? Customer first attracted by the design. An interested buyer comes into the boutique. Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and admiring the interior, he begins to appreciate the boutique, in terms of quality: assortment, quality of goods, convenience of the location on display. From impression the buyer will depend on his willingness to leave You a tidy sum, and to come shopping next time.

So is the case with the created website. Attention was attracted by the interesting design, it makes the visitor to stay on website, to pay attention to the content. Further actions of the visitor, his interest and desire to become Your client depends on the General "atmosphere" which is formed from such concepts as the usability of the site for the user (usability), data visualization, literate presentation of information.

We have been creating websites of different complexity: from simple business cards to multi-function online store. Many customers have become our regular customers, entrusting us with the creation, development and promotion of their sites, and where necessary use the services of our technical support. Therefore, we can confidently say that we create sites that work and bring profit to its owners. Admittedly, this gives us reason to be proud of the quality of work performed.

The development of all projects and their promotion experienced specialists with many years of experience creating full stack websites. In addition, and this is important, all of our officers.

«How much is opium for the people» or how much it will cost create website?

«The creation of a website is very expensive...» – You say. We offer You to see the opposite. Request a free calculation of the cost of Your new website. You find out how much it will cost Your website even before you place your order.

We maintain a policy of conformity "price-quality". Unique design and the work of a programmer, HTML-coder, Content-Manager, of course, are not free and are valued higher than a template website, masterfully performed by the student for one night. However, this applies to any sphere of human activity.

A simple answer to the question "how much will it cost to create a website" we can't, it's still what to say, how much it will cost to build a house. It all depends on Your wishes. There are websites consisting of a single page that contains information about the owner, store, and process large amounts of information and require complex functionality. In addition, much depends on the design of the Internet project.

One thing is certain, a quality web project will cost no more than the monthly printing and distribution of advertising printing products, which, in the best case, it turns out in the nearest urn. Your website will pay for itself within a month or two, and after that will work for You round the clock seven days a week. Effective website blurs the boundaries of business and makes You more opened for new customers.

Whom to entrust the creation of the site?

Every job should be done by specialist, this applies both to the construction of houses, and to writing programs and creating websites. Who needs poor quality, house, which is less likely to last for at least a year? And with the website. You can almost "for free" to a complete web development, done in half an hour "on his knee", or self-creative template image imposed on like free hosters, and to the site, along and across hung with banners.

Maybe it is better to choose fully working Internet resource? You decide, it all depends on your goals. If You need a website generating income, then it needs a little work, make it interesting not only for visitors but also for search engines who will become Your colleagues in the promotion process.

We respect Your business, and can appreciate the time, as well as a sober assessment of the current economic situation. To contact us, we will offer You the most beneficial and effective solution.

What is design and what is it for. We adhere to the view that design is an art. Art implementation of everyday objects in a harmonious blend of convenience, beauty and attractiveness.

Why do You need it?

Indeed, You can say, "My website doesn't need individual design. Well, that's Your right, but then you can hardly expect him to absolute returns. It should be noted that the design of the website needed not only for the visitors to attract to Your business new customers, although it is important, but more for the search engines who love the beauty and diversity. Living to prove to the client the importance of products and services.

Imagine that You choose to shop for family shopping. As is the case with the sites. That's just his charms in uncomfortable store you can find, and re-search is not any website for the purpose of more closely studying one will not.

Because there are so many beautifully designed resources with the same content! And let Your products thousands of times better and the service better than the competition. Without interesting design of the site and correctly presented information, You run the risk of losing online customers. "The convenience and beauty. It will not best for everyone!" – You might say. Of course! And this is why great designers don't just know how to draw beautifully, but also study the peculiarities of psychological perception of visual information. How should I allocate and where in the website to place the most important information to attract the attention of Your potential customer. As the visitor will be seen in this color combination. Conveniently located whether sections all will be clear to the target audience of the website. These and many other points should be considered in the development of truly high quality and interesting design.

Our specialists have extensive experience in the design of Internet resources, as You can see by viewing our Portfolio. Our task is the creation of Your online image. Given the topic of the resource, we will develop Your site the necessary graphical elements and apply all their knowledge and skills to get Your site looked prestigious and will bring You the material and aesthetic pleasure.

So You have a website. Exactly what You had imagined. On the website appeared the first visitors, of course, among Your friends, acquaintances and employees. And suddenly there was a lull... To replace the recent joy comes disappointment. What is the reason? The website may not be an end for itself, the website is a tool. A tool for Your business. And, therefore, to make it work properly You need to make about the tool. In the circles of Internet developers this is called website promotion.

If only ten years ago the customer was interested in simply creating a website, in recent years, the level of requirements has increased significantly. "A beautiful site" with a competent content is just the beginning. The desired result. As the result of a process called "site" is a working business tool, generating a profit and attracting new customers and partners. To achieve this, a website needs to work. What you need to do to force the site to solve the tasks.

Usually work with the online resource is updated as the viewpoint of information content, and improve website to increase its effectiveness for Your business. Not do without promotion. Very few people from customers whose primary occupation is business, interested in the process of "optimization" or acquisition is necessary for the promotion of the links. More important for the customer is the marketing job. In fact, this is one of those times when things cannot be. The whole complex of works carried out is Internet marketing.

What do You think, does it make sense to order the tool with one contractor, and prepare for work the same tool to trust another? As You know, in most cases it is impractical. Much easier work to promote the site to trust the developer, then the customer will have one contractor responsible for the end result. That is why customers are increasingly interested not only in price, but the cost of ownership.

A very important point in determining the degree of future performance of the site, is the question of its development. Who and how will manage, support and effectively develop Your website?

Company Ardicom offers its services on promotion of sites. Here You can enjoy the following works:

  • promotion in search engines;
  • contextual advertising (employees of our company, in accordance with the proposed budget, will select the best words and phrases for use as keys);
  • auditing Internet resource (our experts will assess Your website positions in search engines, checks for common errors, and develop recommendations for development and filling).

We do not use the method of "Assembly line" to each client at us an individual approach.

Why do You need it?

You have probably already realized that on Your website since its emergence came only Your friends, in the best case – friends of friends. Since then, the number of visitors remained the same. This is not surprising. After all, learn about a new site the masses only through the search engines. But entering a search string in the specified phrase, You will get many pages with a huge number of sites. With all this required only those sites which are on the first three, and then two pages of output. Our task at this stage is to inform the search engine about Your website and achieve its placement among the popular results at the beginning of the list.

The cost of promotion

As for the cost of services, in each case, it depends on a number of indicators. First and foremost, it determines the demand for the promoted product or service in the region. And yet the cost will be much cheaper than advertising.

If You have decided to promote your website with no experience in such activities, it is likely that your idea is got to failure.

Don't risk your online resource. Leave it to the professionals, then the effective result will not keep itself waiting long. Trust our experts to make Your website Your own full-fledged business partner.

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